On behalf of all Texview employees, I would like to welcome you to the Texview website. Cheers to you all survived this tough times of worldwide pandemic over 3 years now.

Introducing Texview Corporation, it was found by Kevin Kim, founder and chairman in 1993 with a simple belief that fabrics would be one of the everlasting items in our life. Through years of ups and downs amid drastic changes in the market, we have been successful in maintaining a strong position in the textile industry. We are proud of our solid reputation as a quality fabric supplier with a special expertise in elaborating quilt and craft materials.

We are celebrating our 29th anniversary this year of 2022 striving for more decades of prosperity. It is my hope that Texview will continue to deliver products and services that will satisfy our customers in every way. To achieve this goal, we will constantly look for diverse sourcing opportunities and invest in new quality fabric development. We hope to become a leading trendsetter in the textile market.

We truly thank you for your continued support and interest. We believe our valued customers, suppliers and employees are the core assets of our business. Through vigorous collaboration among all parties, I am confident that Texview will enjoy more success in the coming years.

Best regards,

Texview Corporation